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Ambient audio Experience

With the rise in AR and VR, immersive experiences have attracted interest. Entertainment The entertainment industry is ramping up. Hence an exploratory approach was taken to designing for non-intrusive audio experience for immersive experiences

This project aims at

- Developing exploratory methods towards product design

- Rapid prototyping/Dirty prototyping

- Developing products in 3D software (rhino)

- Producing renders for marketing


Designing for immersive experiences

In our design course at IIT Guwahati, we were asked to pick up a project for product development. The aim was to understand a specific product market, dismantle an existing product to understand the design nuances and design a new product.

We chose our product to be speakers and eventually identified an open positioning in the immersive experiences space of AR and VR.

Project journey

Product research

Market study and product positioning

Opportunity identification

  • There is a variety of portable and personal audio devices

  • Speakers configured to specific frequencies are more desirable for ambient audio.

  • Speakers and home theatres provide a more natural audio consumption experience

  • Most of personal audio devices touch the ears

  • For high quality and specific experiences like gaming, speakers are built in chairs.

  • Audio has spatial perception. Spatial perception is the key point for delivering  an immersive audio experience. Higher the spatial resolution, higher the immersive experience

Opportunity - Non-tactical audio device for personal use

Designing the product


  • With the help of modular speakers, tests were conducted to check the must-haves of the desired product

  • 2 priorities were identified

  • Speakers should be out of vision, apart from not touching the body or interrupting the space

  • Adjustable positioning (especially height)

Dirty Prototype


Screenshot 2022-10-03 at 11.01 1 (2).png


Final Touches



  • Inspired by the ambience and immersiveness, ‘Aura’ felt to be the right fit.


  • Ambient waves

  • Immersive experience inspired name- AURA

  • Spatial perceptions as a result of two synchronised audio sources

Screenshot 2022-10-03 at 11.27 1.png
Screenshot 2022-10-03 at 11.28 2 (1).png

Thank you!

I would love to hear from you your opinions and points of improvement.

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