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Social media

Engaging your audience and spreading your presence.

Social media has become the new marketplace for selling commodities, content and establishing a deeper connection with the audience. The customer-seller relationship has become the new value and social media is the ground for it. 

In this competition, the conventional selling approach is not much of help. People do not search for things to spend money on but they search for the value being offered and its worth. This makes understanding your customers crucial. Hence content creation has become a sensitive make or break point of the business.

Pragati Jobs FB
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Pragati Jobs FB

FB posts to set a brand attitude

Started as a graphic design intern, I spent a weeks time understanding users by calling them up, referring platforms they look at, and other stakeholders that affect primary users in the system. With the insights, a plan of a series of posts was made to be released on specific days of the week to have the highest impact.



Informal scooty driving sessions for women

With an aim to enable women in the locality to become independent for running errands and living the city life, Anagha Nandiwadekar started teaching the women in her locality how to ride a scooty. To communicate the same message in a simple way the alongside graphic was created. The graphic as a whatsapp story has been getting her clients since 

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Jai Ambe

Jai Ambe

Spreading brand awareness and engaging customers

Started by a women entrepreneur, Anita Patil, the client wanted to connect deeply with her customers and take timely feedback about the product. She wanted to engage her existing customers and at the same time wanted to expand slowly. Hence we came up with a packaging label to go with the product asking customers to connect back over WhatsApp. This was also used as WhatsApp status to spread the word.

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