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Abhishek Gore

Designer with Intent

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I am Abhishek, a Designer by heart and a UX designer by profession. Design has been a self-exploratory journey for me and it still is. 


My love for design existed even before I understood the term. In the race for multiple entrance exams after the +2 examination, I realized that my interest lies in knowing how something works and why it works the way it does. Then I came across an article about the field of design and it felt as if someone articulated exactly what I wanted to pursue- something practical, in tandem with real life, that made an impact on people's life. 


Eventually, I got into IIT Guwahati with an AIR 21 and my journey into the field of design began. It gradually became a way of thinking until it was a philosophy that fit into all aspects of life and business. With this knowledge, I set steps into the industry (during the onset of the pandemic) and got an opportunity to learn what the industry had to offer.


With my first step in a startup environment that launched its product a week before I joined, I got to be a part of a product growth story. Further, I joined a consultancy firm and worked with a Fortune 500 client to gain insights about giant businesses and consultation services together. 


I do my best work when I am put in a group of people (or clients) who prioritize outcome over output. Nurturing the art of discussion is more important to create an environment that gives room for creativity. With industry knowledge of product management & design consultation and academic knowledge of design research, I believe I can prioritize well (for the businesses and myself).

Featured works

Co-Founder, Sustally

"Abhishek supported our new venture in the logo design process. During the project, he exhibited high proficiency in the skillset, appreciate his constant communication and timely deliverables.  Despite multiple iterations, his interest in the project never diminished, contributed with same level of enthusiasm all time. I highly recommend Abhishek for graphic design projects, he will be certainly an asset to the team."

Vivek Shahi
Founder, HumLogJobs

SME with excellence
Understand problem statement connect user journey.

Ravindra Mane
Tea stall owner

One of the good services in web design. Helped a lot during our tea shop promotion. Techo savvy young Entrepreneur !!!!

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